Your writing voice

Loved this post on The Guardian blog on losing your voice to another writer. It can happen so easily. You find a writer you admire, devour their work and then find that everything you write is tainted with their writing style. The blog’s author quite rightly points out that reading Hemingway can be very dangerous indeed!

Sometimes writers consciously try and copy another writer’s style. Hunter S. Thompson said that in the early stages of his writing career he typed out The Great Gatsby and A Farewell To Arms to examine the styles and become familiar with the rhythms of literary giants Fitzgerald and Hemingway.

I have never decided to ape a certain writer’s style as I would be far too scared of losing my own in the process. I reckon one’s writing style should be as individual as one’s fingerprint. It should be the result of all your life experiences, feelings, tastes, preferences and opinions; all the things that make you unique.


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