The Ultimate Blow Out Birthday Wishlist

OK so it’s the most subtle hint of all time right?! Yes readers, my birthday is tomorrow. I decided to while away fifteen minutes imagining what I would self-gift if I came into an obscene amount of money in the next twenty four hours. The below is what happened.

Starting with the frock and going clockwise, let’s see how much I managed to spend shall we?!

Acne Pink Dance Dress – €300 from

Balenciaga Silver Motorcross Pants – $4275 from Net-A-Porter USA

Alexander Wang Dakota Boots – €670 from

Pauric Sweeney Silver Snakeskin Bag – €1009 from (and that’s a bargain at 50% off!)

L.A.M.B. Chloe Shoes –$260 from (again a bargain at 25% off! I am frugality personified.)

Christopher Kane Neon Lace Biker Jacket – €1180 from Net-A-Porter

Hermes Kelly Dog Bracelet – $460 from Hermes USA.

Grand total (not including delivery but counting for exchange rates) = €6643

Some things never change no matter how old I get. Champagne tastes and a beer income my friends.

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