On a Hip Hop Tip

My recent hip hop buzz was kicked off by discussions with Hannah about her night Provider and other hip hop nights in town. I’ve always loved hip hop but never played it for a whole gig and I started thinking about tunes that I would like to include in a purely hip hop set. I’ve been obsessing over mixing Missy Elliot’s “We Run This” with Switch’s “A Bit Patchy” as both sample “Apache” and it could be kinda cool. Of course I am the DJ with no decks of her own so I can’t see if it works, I’ll have to just do it on the fly.

Then the wonderful Morgan played the Prodigy’s remix of Jay Z’s “99 Bitches” when he DJed at The Kitchen last Saturday (It’s downloadable free from NME here) and I nearly lost my reason! It’s a killer tune over a big rig. Check it:

Since then I have been trawling for tunes and have found some new favourites. M.I.A.’s XR2 (“Whistle whistle, blow blow, here we, here we go, go”). It’s an old tune and I’ve always loved it but never played it out. Check out this genius video mash up:

And I’ll have to have a track from the new Beastie’s album in there too:

I have a lot of the classics already but am taking recommendations too! What’re your favourite hip hop tunes?


6 thoughts on “On a Hip Hop Tip

  1. Rob

    I remember doing a hip hop DJ set once, its hard work! Cos at least with house or techno you can pretty much level up the 4/4 beats; with hip hop the beats could be all over the place, different patterns, samples, etc.

    Anyway you gotta throw some old skool stuff in there. LL Cool J, Erik B & Rakim, Gangstarr, even some old Ice T stuff! Just drop one in and say nothing. Or if its a laid back set, you could play this track: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIA7aEPfov8 – Guru featuring Jamiroquai, from one of the “Jazzmatazz” albums.

    The next challenge will be a purely drum n bass set! Ever try that before?

  2. Thanks guys!

    Rob, I have some Eric B and Rakim and Gangstarr. I’ll deffo pick up Ice T for the cheese factor!

    Don’t have Tambourine Sinead, must pick it up. I have lots of Missy already and some newer stuff like Yo Majesty too.

    YAYY! Thanks again.

  3. i was trying to get an old school hip hop night going in the thomas house but that went tits up when it changed ownership
    anyway other than all the obvious .. my fav hip hop tunes are

    1. Company Flow – End to End Burners

    2.Madvillain – All Caps

    3. Edan – Making Planets

    4. Danger Mouse and Jemini-ghetto pop life

    5. Jurassic 5 – Concrete Schoolyard

    6. Ghostface Killah – Daytona 500

    7. DangerDoom- Old School

    8. DJ Vadim – Your Revolution (although i’m not sure how it can be played in a club)

    9. Mantronix-King of the Beats

    10. Princess Superstar – Bad Babysitter

    11. Dj Shadow – Entropy

    12. Ugly Duckling – Everybody C’mon

    13. danger mouse (jay z/ the beatles)- 99 problems

    14. j dilla- ‘donuts’ the whole album is a masterpiece

    1. Dude this is a contender for best comment ever! Thanks so much for the tune recommendations and if you ever get the old school hiphop night going, I’ll DJ at it!

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