The Pixies set to record again!

The Guardian reports that the Pixies are set to go back into the studio after their current tour to record their first album in two decades. The Pixies were one of my very favourite bands growing up. I remember the first time I heard Doolittle, I was aged about fourteen and the album turned my entire musical landscape on its head. Prior to that I had only listened to mainstream pop music, and whatever bands my Dad was playing in, with a bit of metal thrown in for good measure. Doolittle with its jangling guitars, bizarre lyrics and screaming vocals was a revelation to me. I subsequently bought everything by them I could lay my hands on but unfortunately never managed to see them live, something I have always regretted.

Anyway I hope that the band get into the studio and give us a fifth album. I’d be well happy. Below a selection of my favourite Pixies tracks:


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