Smiley Face

Sometimes all that’s needed to turn a mediocre story into a great one is a simple change, for example changing the gender of the protagonist. This is what makes Smiley Face a joy. Thus far there have been no iconic female stoners on film. There has been no female equivalent to Spicoli, Cheech or Chong, or Floyd. If you don’t believe me just look at this clip and see how few women appear in it:

Anna Faris may well be the first female stoner on film and she is hilarious in her portrayal of Jane F., a young actress who lives in LA. Jane is less than motivated and spends her days smoking and playing video games. One morning, while suffering from a bad case of the munchies, she spies her roommate’s cupcakes in the fridge and eats all of them. Unfortunately they’re laced with pot and the movie follows Jane’s adventures for the day as she attempts to do an acting audition, replace her roommate’s cupcakes before he finds out, and meet her dealer to give him some of the money she owes him before he raids her apartment.

Faris is a revelation in the movie. I had only previously seen in her in romcoms (not my favourite genre) and had no idea she was such a skilled comedy actress. The movie also stars Danny Masterson as her uptight roommate, Adam Brody as her dealer, and Jane Lynch in a brilliant turn as a casting director.

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