The Pogues in NYC

Last week I had the pleasure of seeing The Pogues play in Terminal 5, an amazing venue in New York, on Wednesday and Thursday. Thursday was Paddy’s Day and the crowd was well up for it! Lots of green garments in the audience, lots of pogoing and lots of pint drinking. The band were in excellent form, especially considering these were the last dates of a three week American tour, and they played brilliantly. It was an experience I won’t forget for a long time.

The whole band onstage
My step-dad Terry Woods on Mandolin and James Fearnley on Accordion
The Audience in Blue
The Audience in Red
Pogues and the very packed very green first rows of a sold out gig

I’ll leave you with the video for one of my favourite Pogues songs:

2 thoughts on “The Pogues in NYC

  1. Very jealous. I was in NY for St Patrick’s Day in 2008 & underestimated their popularity, tickets had sold out well in advance. How great is that…your step-dad on stage with them, must have been a fab night!

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