One for the boys.

I came across The Good Men Project Magazine through an article on Jezebel recently. It’s an online publication with an interesting manifesto. Firstly they donate 25% of their profits to organisations that offer assistance to at-risk boys such as Big Brothers and Street Potential. Secondly, the publishers are trying to redefine what a men’s magazine might be.

From their site: “Sure, we write about sports. Yes, we write about sex (although we do it without selling sex). But unlike so many other men’s magazines, we don’t patronize or caricaturize our audience. We try to bring out the best in men, and we do that by producing content that challenges men to think deeply—and to talk about the things they don’t usually talk about.”

There’s a wealth of articles on the site on subjects such as regular use of porn and the impact it had on one man’s sex life, Stan Lee and copyright, hemorrhoids (not just for pregnant women!), and book reviews. There are also lots of articles with regards to feminism and men’s rights. There’s some great journalism on the site and they’re certainly delving into topics you won’t find in GQ or Nuts. What do you guys think?


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