The Kitchen is open once more!

The Kitchen was the nightclub underneath the U2 owned Clarence Hotel in Temple Bar in Dublin which closed in 2002. I was at the opening in 1994 and was a frequent visitor in the years the followed. Aside from the music the main thing I remember about the club was the fact that it had moats around the dancefloors. Yes, actual water filled moats. Given the fact that I’m clumsy and myopic and was never exactly sober when I was there, you can guess what happened. Anyway after a refurbishment the club is set to open its doors again this evening and will be open Wednesday to Sunday from now on.

The club will kick off the week on Wednesdays with Too Many Cooks at The Kitchen for a student night of electro and dance classics. Lorcan Mak presents Take Back Thursdays which will be a slice of up front house music from Stay Hungry Records boy Lorcan joined by special guests. Every Friday night, the club will play host to DubWar, a brand new drum‘n’bass and dubstep night for the capital (YAYY!). Saturdays will be home to Parliament at The Kitchen, the funkier flavours of disco and electronica from LCD Soundsystem to Chic, Talking Heads to Caribou – the meat ‘n’ two veg side of dance – and on Sundays The Kitchen’s Sauce brings a new gay night to Dublin with disco house courtesy of DJ Richie Rock.

Sounds like it’s worth checking out for sure.

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