Pale is the new Tan

I was reading an article in The Gloss recently which gently reminded readers that as spring passes we must all dust off our bottles of St Tropez and Fake Bake and start the torturous process of fake tanning for the summer. To which I said….NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I have naturally very pale skin and never used to apply fake tan when I was younger, deciding instead to tough it out and rock the milk bottle look. Somewhere along the line I caved and so began my experiments with fake tan. I have tried them all; Fake Bake, St Tropez, L’Oreal, He-Shi, Lancôme, Ambre Solaire, you name it I’ve tried it. I’m a pro at application now so yellow palms and streaky legs are a thing of the past. Last summer I settled on St. Tropez Gradual Tan which gives a glow to my skin rather than a full on “Katie Price” effect. However the fact of the matter is I loathe fake tanning. The effort it takes, the constant upkeep, the smell, it’s all too annoying for words.

Whilst looking at recent style porn (otherwise known as the Oscars) I was pleased to note that quite a few of the attendees were sporting alabaster skin tones, creamy decolletages and limbs on show rather than the buffed and varnished mahogany of a few years ago. Perhaps I should take inspiration from these ladies and keep my pale skin this summer rather than succumbing to the pressure to tan.

5 thoughts on “Pale is the new Tan

  1. Hoooraaahhh to that!!! I have always admired porcelain skin and wished it suited me but it just doesn’t. Maybe will have another go at it this year! Thnks for this inspiring post. 🙂 x

  2. Robyn

    Stick to your natural skin tone, its the one that suits you best. I have always had pale skin and prefer to keep it covered in sun cream, down with Fake tan!

  3. I loathe fake-tan too so much effort, but I can’t deny that I feel so much better with it on. L’Oreal Sublime is my vice, it doesn’t smell & wears off well. I haven’t applied any in months & I would love to try au natural…your style porn certainly proves it looks fab

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