Blade Runner: Sequels and Prequels?

Alcon Entertainment (a subsidiary of Warner Bros.) has announced that they are in the process of buying up the rights to Blade Runner with the intention of producing sequels, prequels and possible “multi platform concepts” relating to the 1982 Ridley Scott directed classic. The original Academy Award winning film has been lauded as one of the classics of the sci-fi genre and understandably fans may regard this development with some trepidation. I think any iteration of Blade Runner will be lost without its original author Philip K. Dick, a true genius of science fiction literature. However Hollywood being what it is, this may take years to come to fruition, if indeed it ever does.


2 thoughts on “Blade Runner: Sequels and Prequels?

  1. SOMK

    They already made a quasi Bladerunner sequel in the form of “Soldier” a very bad (from reports) film based on the same universe (off world colonies and all that. Though in defense of re-imaginings the bladerunner game was pretty fucking awesome!

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