Tom Ford

Although I had been meaning to see it for ages, I only got around to seeing A Single Man last week. It’s truly phenomenal, visually stunning and very moving. Colin Firth’s portrayal of a heartbroken and quietly desperate man devastated by the death of his lover is a tour de force. I know there are those who complained it looked like an advertising campaign, but I felt that it contained real substance and nuanced emotion in addition to the beautiful set design and costumes.

I recently read this interview that Tom Ford and his partner of twenty-four years Richard Buckley did with Out Magazine and while it first generated feelings of envy in me (“I WANT a relationship like that”), it also shed light on Ford’s motivations for making the film. With Valentine’s Day coming up, thoughts of love and relationships are to the front of everyone’s mind and I reckon we could all aspire to the kind of love that Tom and Richard have.

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