Jean Paul Gaultier for La Perla

La Perla lingerie is synonymous with understated luxury and this season they have partnered with French designer Jean Paul Gaultier to produce some of the most stunning underthings I have ever seen. Unfortunately for poor little me the price is rather stunning too – starting at €300 for a pair of knickers and almost a grand for a corset! Unfortunately I won’t be on the receiving end of luxurious lingerie this Valentine’s Day (unless there’s a secret rich admirer out there!) but for anyone who’s wondering what to buy their girlfriend/wife/mistress and has rather a lot of spare cash this is the perfect gift. All pics from and click through to buy.

Feuillage Braided Tulle Corset
Iconic Surpiqué satin balconette bra
Iconic Surpiqué satin briefs

These pieces are reminiscent of the ad campaign for Classique by Jean Paul Gaultier. I adore the underwear in this picture.

One thought on “Jean Paul Gaultier for La Perla

  1. Oh, joy… Sometimes I just make myself giggle.
    I perused the cut-out images up there and was all like.. hmmm I flippin’ love this darling collection… Yes I could see myself in this, absolutely… I wonder how expensi….
    *scrolls down to last pic*
    … oh right. THAT’S what it’s sposed to look like on. Yeah, ok. Not how it looked on me in my head…
    Corseted and controlled to the Nth degree, I will never look like that in underwear…
    Still, it’s rather delicious to look at!
    (The underwear, not me in the underwear…)

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