Barney’s Version

There seems to be an increasing trend in the world of movie trailers, whereby the filmmakers think it’s a wise idea to show us the entire plot of the movie. I first noted this phenomenon on the blog with Welcome To The Riley’s.

Now it’s the turn of Barney’s Version. I saw this trailer in the cinema last weekend when I went to see Black Swan and as far as I can see, it pretty much gives away the plot from beginning to end. Is this because the filmmakers think the audience are so stupid that they need to be spoonfed from the word go?

Anyway I’m not Paul Giamatti’s biggest fan so I won’t be going to see this. For those of you who might be interested in seeing Barney’s Version, I’d advise you not to watch the trailer below!

2 thoughts on “Barney’s Version

  1. thedemagogueblog

    That does seem to be a new trend, it’s always worse with comedies too because they invariably turn out a lot less funny than the “hilarious” 30 second to 1 minute long trailer. By the way have you checked out PG in American Splendor? Brilliant film, very good performance…

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