Guest Blogging for The Organic Supermarket

I did a post recently for Dublin’s Organic Supermarket, located in Blackrock, on the best foods to combat the winter blues. Check it out here.

If you haven’t yet visited the Organic Supermarket’s site check it out; it’s very reasonably priced, you can do your entire weekly shop here (i.e. it’s not just specialist products) including a great selection of organic wine, and they have next day delivery all over Ireland.

2 thoughts on “Guest Blogging for The Organic Supermarket

  1. Just checked this out – your post is great! I never really got affected by SAD at all until I moved to Ireland, as the lack of vitamin D really made me go loopy and now I have to try and incorporate more vitamin d rich foods into my diet. The seasonan veggie box idea also looks good.

  2. The lack of Vitamin D is a big factor in SAD. Am feeling so much more buoyant over the last few days as am in Antibes and getting lots of sunshine. Makes such a big difference.

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