Winter Fashion Lessons I Have Learned in 2010

As previously mentioned it has been a particularly hard cold winter in Ireland so far. Dressing for this kind of weather presents many challenges and if you are interested in looking good and keeping warm it’s very difficult! I thought I’d pass on some tips I have learned in the snowpocalypse we had in December.

1. High heels do not act like mountaineering crampons.

I was utterly convinced that they would and so early in December I wore my brown leather five inch spike heeled boots. I then spent the evening leaning on one male friend after another as I was entirely incapable of walking on my own.

2. Hunter Wellies are the only footwear you won’t fall in.

I bought these short black gloss boots and have lived in them this winter. They are incredibly well made, are very comfortable and much more chic than thin green wellies you get in camping shops. I urge you to invest.

3. Sheepskin insoles will save your life.

I got this tip from a Swedish friend who recommended that I get sheepskin insoles for my wellies. It is thanks to her that I have not yet had my feet amputated for frostbite. I got mine here.

4. Uniqlo deserve an award for their HeatTech line.

Honestly the leggings from this range are toasty and thin enough to fit under almost anything. I wish they would open a store here or at least deliver to Ireland. I had to get a friend in London to send me mine.

5. Layering doesn’t have to be boring.

I have been living in various colours of these cobweb tops from TopShop. They are surprisingly warm and look interesting under 3/4 sleeve tops and oversized jumpers.

Below are some winter fashion pics to inspire you!

Pic by The Sartorialist
Pic from Natalie Hartley Wears
Zana Bayne from Garbage Dress
Susie Bubble from Style Bubble

2 thoughts on “Winter Fashion Lessons I Have Learned in 2010

  1. I looked a state most of the time! A cross between a homeless person and a less fashionable aunt – I’m just hoping it starts to get warm from now on and I won’t have to return to that style vacum!

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