Carol of the Bells – Vienna Boys Choir

Above all others this is the Christmassiest most beautiful carol and my absolute favourite.

3 thoughts on “Carol of the Bells – Vienna Boys Choir

  1. Liz Byrne

    Oh mine too! It has a fascinating history too, it’s one of the most ancient folk songs still in use today (although of course the form we know has a modern arrangent) and was originally a Ukranian region pagan song for driving away the darkness in winter time. And still works!

  2. Steve Wilson

    I’ve always loved this carol. It was on the ‘Home Alone’ soundtrack which I watched with my girls recently. It’s such a shame Garmin hijacked it for their ‘Give a, give a, give a Garmin’ Christmas radio ads for their GPS units…I try to not let it ruin it for me. Hope you had a great Christmas and have a brilliant New Year.

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