Some sparkle from Shaun Leane for Christmas

Shaun Leane is without a doubt my favourite jeweller in the world. I sometimes visit his website to drool over my favourite ring (which I have promised I will buy myself when I get a book deal, although given how small advances are these days I probably wouldn’t be able to buy anything else!). He has recently added some new pieces to his website; the Blackthorn Collection, which features black pearls, and the Hawthorn collection, which features citrine and yellow gold. I don’t know a girl in the world who wouldn’t like to find something by Mr. Leane under the Christmas tree, however I think I’ll be waiting a while. Still tis nice to dream – below are some of my new favourite pieces.
Silver Blackthorn Ring with Black Pearls
Silver Blackthorn Ring with Black Spinel Leaves
Oxidised Silver Vertebrae Bracelet

Black Diamond and Moonstone Interlocking Rings

Diamond Thorned Heart Pendant

2 thoughts on “Some sparkle from Shaun Leane for Christmas

  1. Nancy

    Hi Alex, just came across your blog by chance and i love what you wrote, its so lovely. I am in the Shaun Leane team and my favourite is also the diamond thorned heart pendant and the black spinel Leaves ring, great choice!

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