LAMB – 5

I think this is the latest I’ve ever posted and I’m scraping in by the skin of my teeth here (23.29 – eeek!)! But I’m nothing if not a diligent blogger and besides I wanted to tell you all about Lamb’s forthcoming album 5.

I have adored Lamb for years, in fact “Angel Gabriel” is a very special and memory-laden song in my life. Lou Rhodes and Andy Barlow have consistently produced amazing albums. I was always so very jealous of the musical chemistry they had – how rare it is to find the perfect collaborator! When they supported Moby in the Point in Ireland about six years ago I was blown away by their energy on stage (in fact I bought the tickets to see them and left after they played – I’m not a huge Moby lover!) and I think that they have managed the rare feat of exploring new territory without trying too hard. Their music always sounds like a natural evolution.

The band officially split in 2004 as they wanted to pursue solo projects. Presumably Lou and Andy have missed each other as they have gotten back together! Their forthcoming album is entitled “Five” and right now on their site the band are inviting fans to be part of an exclusive preview of the album. Check it out:

Purchase this unique limited edition version of the brand new album before February 05 2011 and you will be sent the album to arrive on 5.5.2011. This limited edition package will include:

  • A hand-numbered, embossed, A5 sized (landscape), hard-back book printed on recycled art paper.
  • A name-credit in the sleeve notes to you, or anyone you nominate
  • Limited edition artwork – the artwork will be completely different to the artwork appearing on the commercial release of the album
  • An additional CD containing instrumentals, alternative mixes and extra songs – these additional songs and mixes won’t appear on the commercial release of the album
  • An instant download of a brand new song when we receive your order
  • Lyric sheets
  • Song by song commentary from the band
  • A pull-out poster
  • The first 250 people to order will be sent a numbered limited edition Lamb art work poster signed by the band.

There’s also a limited edition gatefold vinyl available for pre-order too.

In case you don’t know what you’re missing, watch this for starters:


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