Christmas presents for my fellow bloggers

In a perfect world I would have already won the lottery (seriously, how many times does it take?!) and I would be able to afford fabulous presents for all. As a result of reading lots of fashion blogs daily I think I have a real sense of some bloggers’ individual style and taste. I’ve been browsing online for Christmas presents and in the process have found lots of items on my web shopping travels that would suit the aforementioned fashion fiends! So Ladies, if I had the cash here’s what you’d be getting from me:

Angela Scanlon

Angela is a girl after my own heart. We generally tend to perve over the same items (Pauric Sweeney handbags, trainers and Litas to name a few) but in addition we have something very important in common; a love for comfortable yet stylish clothing. As Angela lives in town and is always on the go, she needs outfits that are easy to run around in yet also reflect her great eye for style. I think these Louboutin boots would be an immensely chic and practical addition to her wardrobe.

From Net A Porter


Blanaid and I have already instituted “Share a Link Thursdays” on Facebook where we post items on each other’s page that we think will suit each other. Blanaid almost always gets it right for me and has caused irreparable trauma with her suggestions, as I’m broke and she keeps adding must-haves to my shopping list! Blanaid recently blogged about her new found love for maxi skirts and I thought this Malene Birger skirt would be perfect for the party season (thus getting my own back as it’s ¢360).


By Malene Birger

Michelle – Kingdom of Style

I love Michelle’s style and have done a Style Inspirations post on her before. Through blogging I’ve got to know her a bit and she’s a lovely person as well as a fellow style soulmate. Our shared love for Nine Inch Nails cements her as a winner in my book. Michelle is a fan of layering and also lives in Scotland so warmth is essential, especially at this time of year. These Aminaka Wilmont leggings would be a perfect addition to her already bulging wardrobe.

From Net-A-Porter


I consider myself lucky to have met new people as a result of the blog and Whisty was one of the first. I had been a longtime fan of her blog and was delighted to find that she is as awesome as her style – we have shared a few glasses of wine and a lot of laughs in the few times we have gotten together! Check out Her Apparel to see details of Whisty’s great outfits which usually combine high street and vintage to great effect. Seeing as Whisty’s a vintage girl I thought this dress dating from the 1920s would be a perfect foundation for her New Year’s Eve ensemble.

By Timeless Vixen Vintage on etsy

One thought on “Christmas presents for my fellow bloggers

  1. Oh Alex, you do flatter me so… *blushes profusely* was an honour to meet and share wine and fashion gossip with you!
    GREAT choice for Whisty’s NYE ensemble; apart from some amazingly beautiful shoes I would need to wear nothing more…
    the only question remains… where to sup afore mentioned vino on the silliest night of the year in such a glorious dress??

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