A new scent

I am on the hunt for a new perfume. I have been wearing Chanel No. 5 for months and it’s a scent I have worn on and off for years. While I love it, it is a bit ubiquitous and I’m looking for something a bit more unusual. I tend to go for perfumes which are termed ‘oriental’ and I detailed my history with perfume in a previous post.

I think Chanel Coromandel is my favourite perfume in the world but it is prohibitively expensive at €200 a bottle! So while I love it, it’s not on my shopping list right now. I was wandering through Brown Thomas last week and spied the latest collection from Tom Ford. It’s a collection of musks and I tried the Jasmine Musk which is absolutely gorgeous. But once again I prove to be the personification of “champagne tastes and a beer income”: when I asked how much it was I was told €140. Eeeeek!

It appears that while my taste in perfume is becoming more affordable, I’m not quite at my ideal price range yet! Does anyone out there have any recommendations for an oriental type scent? Something grown up, feminine but not floral, heady, and not worn by every second woman? Something a bit esoteric and unusual? HELP!

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