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I did a post last year on my book recommendations for Christmas presents. They’re still all relevant but if anyone has any specific recommendation requirements (i.e. “my Dad is a forester who is into wine, travel and cubist art”) mail me and I’ll certainly try to help! I thought this year I’d focus on gift books, i.e. the kind of glossy, hard back, coffee table fare that you would never buy for yourself but would love to receive as a present.

Manolo Blahnik Drawings

Manolo Blahnik draws a fully coloured picture of each shoe before it goes into production. This book brings together many of his drawings with a foreword by Anna Wintour. A must have for any shoe loving gal!

Twilight – Gregory Crewdson

This has nothing to do with vampires or annoying sullen girls who can’t act (whoops – sorry Kristen). I was introduced to the work of Gregory Crewdson at a group exhibition in the Tate Modern entitled “Twilight” and this book contains Crewdson’s interpretations of the theme. Crewdson is a photographer best known for his elaborately staged, surreal and eerie scenes of American homes and neighborhoods.

Vanity Fair’s Collected Proust Questionnaires

The Proust Questionnaire is on the last page of Vanity Fair magazine every month. In an idle hour a while ago I actually did my own!  Here Vanity Fair have collected the best questionnaires into one book which should be a fascinating read.

The Selby is in Your Place – Todd Selby

The Selby is a famous website where Todd Selby posts photographs of people’s homes. The pictures are always inspiring as he picks the most outlandish or creative or unusual subjects. A must have book for any interiors fan.

Magazine Subscriptions

This is the gift that keeps on giving! Perhaps your loved one would like to be relieved of their monthly spend on Vogue or W or whatever their fashion poison is? I know that I would personally love a Paris Review subscription and so would any writer!

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