Christmas Decorations

I think my step-father is the one to blame for my Christmas decoration addiction. He was Christmas personified and would decorate the house at the beginning of December with not one but two Christmas trees and holly adorning anything that stood still long enough! I love his appreciation and enthusiasm for the holiday season.

I always try to add a few new decorations to my collection every year. This year I have been contemplating buying one of these gorgeous wreaths handmade from vintage paper from Simple Joys Paperie on etsy.

I also love their Angel Wings decorations.

Newbridge Silver create gorgeous collectible Christmas tree decorations. I have seen them available to buy in Arnott’s in Dublin but you can also buy them online. One of these would be a fab stocking filler or you could start collecting them for yourself!

I love these Elf Candleholders which are very cute and reasonably priced. I wish Crate and Barrel delivered to Ireland!

These Cable and Cotton string lights are gorgeous. You can customise them with different colours and lengths. I like white for Christmas but you could get whichever colours you like and hang them all year round.

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