A Christmas Wish List

I’m not so avaricious that I would put an actual wish list on my blog. No, this is a list with the emphasis on “wish” – a list of beautiful things that I and most people I know can’t afford. But if any anonymous altruistic billionaires are reading this and feel like making my wishes come true, that would be fine too!

1. A house

Not just any old house either. I would like a house in Rathgar or Ranelagh with a garden please. This house in Rathgar is very lovely:

As is this one in Ranelagh

2. A Schnauzer

I would need the garden for this lil guy (and yes I know it’s for life not just for Christmas). I miss having a dog but it’s only really possible when you have a garden and right now all I have is a yard in which you couldn’t swing the smallest kitten! I’d call him Buddy after Buddy Rich, thus keeping up myself and my Dad’s pet naming tradition.

Black and Tan Schnauzer Puppy

3. Anglomania Glitter Tunic

From Net A Porter

4. Miu Miu glitter brogues

From Net A Porter

5. Lulu Guinness Lips Clutch Bag

From luluguinness.com

6. Lastly:

I have never been kissed under mistletoe. I am thirtyfreakingfour people! Not once! So before I get to thirtyfreakingfive (which is more than half my life span if my grandparents are anything to go by) I’d like it to happen.

I hope everyone gets everything on their Christmas wish list!

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