VPL Trousers

VPL is an American brand of clothing founded in 2003 by Victoria Bartlett. She set out to bridge the gap between underwear and sportswear, creating pieces that can work their way into any wardrobe. I have always admired the range on Net-A-Porter but they seem to only carry the loungewear so I went onto Shopbop to have a look at the rest of the stuff. I promptly fell in love with these trousers which I have been thinking about buying for…oh over a month now! On the downside they are a little pricey plus I would have to pay tax at customs which would add to the cost. On the upside they would go with everything I own and I do love a great pair of trousers. You see my dilemma?!

(Note – please ignore the hideous footwear that Shopbop have partnered them with and focus on the bliss of the trousers!)

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