Maybe next year…

As you may know The Multiverse was nominated for a Golden Spider Award 2010 in the Big Mouth category. Unfortunately I didn’t win. (Difficult for someone whose motto is “it’s not the taking part that counts, it’s the winning”.) A huge congrats to the guys at who were the very happy winners on the night.

I would like to say an enormous and heartfelt thank you to those who voted for me. You’re all lovely people indeed! Also a big thanks to my ever supportive Dad who came with me on the night and looked very well in his tux!

It wasn’t a huge loss. I did get to dress up in my Ann Sofie Back frock and a friend was kind enough to lend me a fabulous bag. An Alexander McQueen knuckleduster clutch no less!

There’s always next year…

One thought on “Maybe next year…

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