How I Knew You Were The One

I have a confession to make: I am an incurable romantic. It might seem hard to believe, what with the apparent cynicism and the smart mouth n’all, but I actually believe wholeheartedly and passionately in love. I guess that’s why this blog caught my imagination. It contains succinct accounts of the moment in which someone realises that they’re in love. Cringe-makingly cheesy for most I know, but there are some great entries such as:

“We slowed danced to Social Distortion at a dive bar in Detroit.”

“She told me to leave the rocket-pack on.”

“He told me I’d never have to clean the bathroom again, because I was never very good at it anyway.”

Head on over to the site and submit yours if you’re an incurable romantic like me!

One thought on “How I Knew You Were The One

  1. Also a complete romantic – I love love. I read the first few and had to close it as the shivers and the impending emotion was too much for a Friday morning. I’m getting sappier as I get older.

    Lovely post! x

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