FUBAR in JJ Smyths

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the band with the best name ever! FUBAR is a military term for Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition. When I told my Dad about it he immediately seized on it as the perfect name for his new jazz group! FUBAR consists of Tommy Halferty on guitar, Dave Redmond on bass and Keith Donald on clarinet. They are playing in Dublin jazz venue JJ Smyth’s for the last two Sundays in November and will welcome guests Fiachra Trench on piano on 21st and Desi Reynolds on drums on 28th.

Keith remarks, “It was 1963 when I last gigged on clarinet, in Sammy Houston’s Jazz Club in Belfast. I’ve earned a living since then with the sax and it’s a huge but enjoyable challenge to try and master the clarinet again!” “Keith and I were in jazz groups together in the ’70s and ’80s – it’s great to spark off each other again. And the clarinet and guitar have always sounded good down through the years” says Tommy.

I’ll definitely be heading down for the next couple of Sundays so come down, be sociable and listen to some lovely jazz to round off your week.

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