Style Inspirations – Taylor Tomasi Hill

Posting in the Multiverse has not been very prolific over the last few days as I am currently trying to rid myself of tonsillitis and am dosed up with Lemsip and lying in bed, trying not to go stir crazy! Apologies from me and rest assured that when I feel back to normal the Multiverse will get back to normal too! I have had the beginnings of this post languishing in my drafts folder for a while and so I decided to finish it for today – not the most inspired of posts but some eye candy nonetheless.

Taylor Tomasi Hill has had a fairly meteoric rise in the fashion industry in the States. She started as an intern at W Magazine, then became a Market Editor there. She then made her name as the Accessories Editor then Director for US Teen Vogue and is now the Style and Accessories Director for US Marie Claire.

Taylor is easy to spot on street-style sites. From her flaming red hair to her mile-long legs, she stands out in a crowd. She’s also one of the few fashion insiders to smile for the photographers! As befits an Accessories Editor, her wrists are stacked with amazing jewellery and she always carries a great bag (usually Chanel). I love her style, which has elements of femininity juxtaposed with harder touches; motorcycle boots with a white lace dress or a floral sundress with an army green trenchcoat.

If you want to have a look at Taylor’s gorgeous NYC pad then check out this interview with Refinery 29. I love that the only area free from clothes is her fridge!

Pic by The Sartorialist


Pic by Vanessa Jackman
Pic by Sarah Ann Hammond
Pic by Street Tonic
Pic by Stylist's Muse
Pic by Vanessa Jackman
Pic by All The Pretty Birds

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