The Gun Show – Exhibition by Morgan

“The Gun Show” marks Irish artist Morgan’s first solo exhibition in Dublin. It opened last Wednesday and features work that Morgan has created over the last year. The exhibition is on in The Workman’s Club and runs until the New Year.

Morgan explains the inspiration behind the work as follows:

“I’m fascinated by the irony behind creating something beautiful out of something that is regarded by some as evil. I want to make people look at the painting of a gun in a different light by stripping away its negative reputation, to break them down into the simple shapes of the gun. Hopefully people can see past the fact that they are weapons and look at them in another light. As an artist I appreciate the shapes, the detailed precision and mastery that goes into the creation of a gun. The gun has always been a controversial item, but it’s not the gun that’s the problem it’s the people who use them and I guess that’s the statement I’m trying to make. It’s also a symbol of rebellion, which I think is really where this country is at mentally right now, and also where we come from as a people. I’ve always been fascinated with why people look at a painting of a gun and say they aren’t sure whether they like it because it’s a weapon, it’s a painting… not a gun. It’s the strong symbolism behind them that I like.”

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