Palmer’s Shea Body Butter

Using Palmer’s Shea Body Butter is possibly the best thing you’ll do for your skin all winter! It’s currently retailing in larger Boots stores for under a tenner so it’s affordable. It’s also smells gorgeous, has a noticeable smoothing effect from the minute you put it on, and after using it for a few days your skin will feel like a baby’s. I first used it when I lived in London and absolutely loved it, however when I moved home I couldn’t find it anywhere. I found it in Boots a week ago and almost did a happy dance in the middle of the store! I hope they continue to stock it as it really is one of the most amazing products I’ve ever used. Get yourself a tub and try it out; I promise you’ll be an addict in no time!


3 thoughts on “Palmer’s Shea Body Butter

  1. indeed, it works wonders. i have alligator skin when the seasons change and i have been using this body butter to combat my extremely dry and itchy skin.

  2. Ruth Griffin

    I totally agree ,this product is sooo delish! All the models use the Palmer’s Body Gloss for fashion shows, it gives your skin a really dewy, golden sheen. Gorgeous.

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