House of Dagmar

I have fallen in love with a dress. It’s not the kind of thing I’d usually wear, being pink and velvet, but it is so beautiful it can’t be denied. It has engendered a deep and fierce determination within me that it will be mine somehow. It shall be my party dress for AW 2010 and it shall make me very happy indeed!

House of Dagmar is a Swedish label run jointly by three sisters, all of whom have a notable background within the international fashion industry. Since Dagmar’s launch in Spring 2005, the label’s chic yet edgy aesthetic has been lauded by the fashion industry and has received press throughout Europe, United States and Asia. So far they do not have a stockist in Dublin, but I think their label would make a fantastic addition to Brown Thomas young designers section.

Have a look at selections from their “Seven Veils” AW 2010 collection and “Goddess of the Favela” SS 2011 collection below. The first dress is the aforementioned sensational pink velvet, AKA the dress of my dreams.

“Seven Veils” – AW 2010 


“Goddess of the Favela”  – SS 2011



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