Roots Manuva & Wrongtom – Duppy Writer

I was having a nose around iTunes last week looking for some new tunes for my gig in McGrattan’s (which by the way was loads of fun!) and found that Roots Manuva has released a new re-rub album in collaboration with Wrongtom called Duppy Writer.

I’ve been a fan of Roots Manuva (his mother calls him Rodney Smith) ever since “Run Come Save Me” which contained the monster tunes “Witness The Fitness” and “Join the Dots”. I love his delivery, his sense of humour and his production and writing skills. The list of his collaborators is a roll call of influential electronic and hiphop artists, from Chali 2na (on the aforementioned “Join the Dots”), DJ Shadow, Mr Skruff, UNKLE, Freq Nasty, The Herbaliser and Gorillaz.

Wrongtom previously remixed tunes from Roots Manuva’s last album “Slime and Reason” and Roots liked the results so much that he gave him tons of acapellas to work with for Duppy Writer.  As a result, Duppy Writer remixes and reedits tunes that go right the way back to Roots Manuva’s first full length album, 1999’s “Brand New Second Hand”. There’s a distinctly dancehall feel to much of the album, with touches of reggae and dubstep. Standout tracks include Jah Warriors, Worl’ A Mine and Rebuff. I reckon Duppy Writer is just about enough to keep Manuva’s fans happy until a new studio album surfaces which hopefully isn’t too far away.

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