It’s only September and already I am sick of shearling. Controversial I know but true. I walked down Grafton Street yesterday evening on my way to dinner in Carluccio’s and I counted four different girls wearing shearling jackets. Let’s be clear; it was so warm I wasn’t wearing a jacket at all and yet some people are so fashion obsessed that they’re already working their new jackets despite the unseasonable weather.

It got me thinking about trends and more specifically trendwhoring! I think as I have gotten older I have a more clearly defined sense of my style and so am not inclined to adopt trends for the sake of it. Harem trousers, yes – am always a fan of any trousers. Mini skirts, no – I hate my legs. Platform boots, yes – I can walk for hours in them. Pointed kitten heels, no – I’m just not into that 50s lady vibe. I know what suits me and what I feel good in and so I’m not going to buy into trends that don’t fit in with my personality or the rest of my wardrobe.

The only shearling item I have been at all interested in are these boots from Topshop which haven’t yet landed in store but which I’m keeping an eye out for. They’re black so will fit in with my general colour scheme and I’m always a fan of keeping my tootsies warm in winter!

So what about you? Any trends that you will never buy into? Anything that’s a trend this season that sinks rather than floats your boat?

3 thoughts on “Trendwhoring

  1. jenniemc

    i TOTALLY hear you. i like to keep abreast of trends and see what’s happening, but i find the same things generally float about for a couple of seasons and they are the safe bet. anything that’s ‘so hot right now’ will go stale in rapid time and you’re left with an empty wallet and a blush.
    the way i gauge things is that as soon as it makes an appearance in style magazine, you may forget about it – style is really the facilitator from catwalk to high-street. i’m disappointed because i really wanted a cape, but i just think cape, camel and shearling are over-exposed already…sigh

    jen, wwiwt

  2. I was just debating the shearling thing last week. I was like shearling jackets this season were like clogs in SS10. Over before Penney’s had commissioned their plastic high-street version.
    It’s kind of frustrating, I try really hard not to look at the coverage of *insert fashionable city*Fashion Week as mush as possible. but with literally every blogger in the world invited along it’s hard to escape all the opinion / photographs / posts etc. I mean hell, I’ve seen more coverage on Facebook over the last two weeks than I have on
    What’s up with that?! No wonder we’re sick of the big AW trends before the end of summer. Shame tho, I did love the aviator jackets, I did the same as you though and grabbed some shearling boots instead! X

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