Some love for the Irish fashion bloggers…

This weekend sees many of the Irish fashion blogger ladies get together for drinks in McGrattan’s on Baggot Street. I’m really looking forward to putting faces to names and chinwagging over a glass (or three) of wine. While there are many Irish blogs that I regularly check in with, there are three in particular that I absolutely love:

Angela Scanlon

Pic by Irish Times

Stylist, journalist and broadcaster Angela is a well known face on the Irish fashion scene. As a stylist she has worked with Vodafone, Brown Thomas, BT2, Lipsy and MCD. As well as regularly appearing on TV3 and RTE she can be seen presenting Style Nation, a popular online fashion programme which is also co-produced by Angela. As a journalist she has a regular feature in Irish Tatler and is a Contributing Fashion Editor with the Irish Independent. All of this in addition to running the aforementioned blog – Angela is one busy bee so perhaps it’s appropriate that her signature piece of jewellery is a delicate gold bumble bee necklace!

Angela’s blog features articles on up and coming designers, lust have objects, trends, interiors and generally anything that catches her discerning eye. In her own words: “Things I love, stuff I do, people I adore, places I go, work I do and all the other jazz that enters my head on a daily basis…”.  I was lucky enough to work with Angela recently and she’s not only an amazing stylist but a thoroughly lovely person too and I can’t recommend her site enough!


Pic by Ciuin Treacy

Blanaid Hennessy is an interior designer, stylist and fashionista. As one half of The Stylebitches, she regularly unleashes a stream of hilarious commentary on celebrities’ fashion mistakes. On her own blog she posts images that inspire her, interiors, and outfit posts. Blanaid is an extremely creative and proactive person as can be seen from the many projects she’s involoved in; DJing at Spy Bar, opening a photographic studio in Kilkenny, interior design, acting as a model for photo shoots – you name it Blanaid’s getting it done!

Whisty Blogs Dublin Fashion

Pic from Her Apparel

Lastly, but by no means leastly, there’s Whisty! Laura Whiston is Whisty and since she started her blog in February 2009 it has become one of the most popular Irish fashion blogs and she has been featured in Stellar magazine and The Dubliner amongst others. Whisty regularly posts photos of her amazing outfits which she sources from high street shops and vintage/charity shops and in fact she has created a whole other blog called Her Apparel which is solely devoted to her outfits.


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