The Anti-Room

It’s always a joy to be able to recommend a brilliant new Irish blog. Strictly speaking The Anti-Room isn’t exactly new but instead is a dormant blog founded in 2008 and revived in recent months. I see it as the Irish version of Jezebel, one of my favourite female oriented sites. The female contributors on The Anti-Room blog about many subjects from fashion to feminism and pop culture to politics.

I have recently enjoyed a post on books the author hasn’t read (read my own list here!), the post on that bizarre and outdated Irish phenomenon The Rose of Tralee, and of course the post on not being “the marrying kind”, a position I can certainly relate to never having had dreams of my own “big day”!

Head on over to The Anti-Room archives and take a look, however be prepared to lose hours surfing from one great article to the next!

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