American Apparel

3D Flower Mesh Jumper
El Salvador Lace Tee
Chiffon Double Layer Maxi Skirt

I usually only go into American Apparel to buy basics; plain swimwear (which thankfully they do in separate sizes), vests and t-shirts, cozy hoodies and track pants. However I was browsing their site online and found the above items, all of which are a step up, design wise, from their basic aesthetic and all of which I adore. I would probably get all of the above items in black rather than cream or tan, purely because winter is on the way and black seems more appropriate, however the cream lace t-shirt is gorgeously summery.

Click on the pics above to buy via the American Apparel European site. Gotta say though, my only quibble is that €84 for the above flower jumper is a little steep! I wonder how many of them they’ll sell in recession bound Ireland? (OK, just one last quibble – these are just not sexy, on anyone, ever. I mean it.)

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