Nippon Girls

Blame Alan Butler. I usually do. While in his art studio a couple of weeks ago he played me an album called Nippon Girls: Japanese Pop, Beat and Bossa Nova 1966-1970. The tunes are totally catchy and I have played it solidly for the last week. Of course because I don’t speak Japanese, it does sound rather comical when I try to sing along and I’m sure I would be a great source of ridicule and mirth if any Japanese speakers could hear me!  The production is amazing on this album especially considering when it was recorded and the technology available at the time. Highly recommended.

(I’m aware that it’s weird to have a music post with no actual music to listen to but try as I might I couldn’t find any videos on YouTube or anywhere else to share with you. So you’re just going to have to take my word for it and buy the freakin’ album!)


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