Imperial Bedrooms – Bret Easton Ellis

Imperial Bedrooms is the forthcoming seventh novel from Bret Easton Ellis, which is due to be published here on 2nd July 2010. Imperial Bedrooms is the sequel to Less Than Zero, Ellis’ literary debut published in 1985 and made into a movie in 1987 which starred Robert Downey Junior and Andrew McCarthy.

I have read most of Ellis’ novels and have mixed feelings about his work. On the one hand, I think he is an immensely gifted writer, with a distinctive style and great technical ability. On the other hand, I feel unsettled, sometimes I’d go so far as to say morally raped, after I’ve read one of his books. He also lost points with me for his recent comments on female film directors. Mostly though, I am interested in his writing and I’m sure I’ll end up buying Imperial Bedrooms.

Esquire magazine has published an extract from the forthcoming book and you can read it online here.


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