Home sweet home

“Home” is a pretty loaded concept for me.  I’m facing my 18th move this summer and not much looking forward to it, to be honest.  It’s my fourth move in four years and I’m craving some stability and my own place.  Anyway, all this has meant that I keep ogling houses online and looking at interior design websites.  Below are some images I have found on my travels that I really like:

(Image from Elle Decoration)

(Image from Elle Decoration)

One thing that’s annoying about moving so much is that you forget about most of what you own as it’s in storage.

I have some gorgeous paintings, given to me by artist friends and also some stuff that I have bought, and miss them on my walls.  I love the clusters of paintings above.

OK so this library might be a little big for some people, but for me it’s the perfect size!

(Pic by Douglas Friedman)

What a great workspace.  Have always wanted a lucite or mirror desk to work at.  I also love this one.

(Pic from LivingEtc.)

Bed is one of my favourite places is in the world.  If sleeping were an Olympic sport I’d be taking home the gold for Ireland.  I’ve always loved French style beds and the above room looks very inviting.

(Pics from LivingEtc.)

Like most girls, I want an ensuite bathroom and dressing room; how luxurious!  However if that’s not possible, at the very least I’d like a claw-footed roll top bath.  My Dad has one in his house and because I’m short, I could float in it!  I’ve always loved the idea of wallpapering a small downstairs loo in sheet music.  My Dad has tons of old sheet music at home that I could use and I think it would be a nice twist on a traditional monochrome bathroom.

I’m also a fan of Jack White’s (The White Stripes) Detroit house which was on the market a few years ago.  I love the proportions of the colonial American houses with their airy rooms and grand staircases, although he went a little overboard with the black, white and red colour scheme in my opinion!

A girl can dream.  Finding these pics takes my mind off the prospect of moving again, which can only be a good thing!

2 thoughts on “Home sweet home

  1. izziedarling

    Love the photos. Sorry you have to move so much; I’ve moved 20 times so far – eewwww. Check out the blog, Cote de Texas, and look at the bedroom in Nantucket by some guy I can’t remember – it should be in the beginning – or nearby. It is dreamy!!!!!!!!

  2. Sarah Hannah

    love the tub in the last photo! and that library, wow. exactly what i want! floor to ceiling shelves with one of those old school ladders…

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