Everyone always seems shocked when I tell them I love Buffy.  I guess it’s supposed to be a secret guilty pleasure?!  Not any more…

Long before there was Edward and Twilight, before Sooki and True Blood, before the Vampire’s Assistant, there was Buffy The Vampire Slayer, one of my all time favourite TV shows ever. I got the box-set for Christmas a couple of years ago, have watched it all the way through twice and it’s still just as brilliant as it was first time around.

Forget about glittering skinsuper long ghetto nails, or the icky hairy batlike creature Dracula is supposed to be; the vampires in Buffy are way cooler (to be said with a Valley Girl accent).  From their ability to change, in one second, from human form into vampires, their animalistic growls when attacked, to their incredible fighting skills and even the noise they make when they’re dusted, Joss Whedon’s vampires are fully realised and unique.

And then of course there’s Buffy herself.  It’s so rare to see a girl get the chance to kick ass, even rarer when it’s a small blonde girl (OK so I may have been identifying just a tiny bit).  Whedon developed the character to invert the Hollywood formula of “the little blonde girl who goes into a dark alley and gets killed” and Sarah Michelle Gellar plays her perfectly.

While it was on the air, the show was critically acclaimed for great writing, great acting and pushing boundaries.  There was one episode with absolutely no dialogue (Hush), one episode with nothing but song (Once More With Feeling), and one episode with no music whatsoever (The Body).  However I think my favourite episode would have to be “Normal Again” which shows Buffy as a patient in a mental hospital, thereby providing an alternate premise for the entire television series.  Buffy won several awards and is regularly included in the lists of the Greatest TV Shows of All Time.

Check out this montage of fight scenes from Buffy, set to a suitably 90s tune by Fatboy Slim.  I must dress up as her for next Halloween!

3 thoughts on “Buffy

  1. Sarah Hannah

    i love Buffy. i forced my boyfriend to watch the whole series with me and he loved it. im a big spike fan. mmmmm

  2. I love Spike too. I think it’s hilarious that the producers of Buffy made the actor James Marsters lie about his age when he was on the show. He’s 45 now and at the time he was trying to convince everyone he was 29! Eh…hello?!

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