Apostrophe Abuse

The above is guaranteed to drive me a little crazy.  It’s incredible to me how many people have no idea where to put apostrophes despite the fact that English is their first language and they studied it in school.  I have always known that I am not alone on this one and so it is no surprise to find a blog dedicated to the rampant misuse of apostrophes.  For those of you who are Grammar Nazis like me, check it out and prepare to spend the next ten minutes rolling your eyes.  And for everyone else, if you want a refresher course in where to put apostrophes, email me and I’ll be happy to help!


One thought on “Apostrophe Abuse

  1. there’s a new greasy spoon caf near me that I passed the other day. they sell burger’s. burger’s what it does not specify. perhaps you should pay them a visit and find out.

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