Married To The Sea

Married To The Sea is one of my favourite sites.  I am addicted because the authors have a left field, bizarre and hilarious take on the world that I can completely relate to.  Drew and Natalie are the authors of the site, are married and live in a house in Columbus, Ohio with a baby and two small dogs. They are generally considered to be “humorists” and make their living by selling merchandise based on their comics.  Some of my recent favourites below, and if you investigate the archives, be warned, you will lose hours!

Who cares?

Sidney ­Perkowitz, a professor of physics at Emory University in Atlanta, has devised a set of guidelines for Hollywood filmmakers to adhere to when making movies with a sci-fi element.  Perkowitz is fed up with the film industry abusing science in the name of entertainment and doesn’t want to see any more glaring errors in Hollywood movies.  Perkowitz comments, “The hope is that it will get better science into film while still making them interesting.”

Respectfully Mr Perkowitz, most cinema goers don’t care about accurate science in movies.  In case the point has escaped you, movies are about entertainment.  Movies, such as the ones you’re criticising (e.g. Starship Troopers, Star Wars), are made purely for mass escapism.  Nobody leaves the cinema thinking “well yeah it was a good movie and I loved it when the giant robot alien crushed the Empire State Building, but the science just wasn’t believable at all”.  Punters don’t know anything about the intricacies of particle physics or quantum gravity, and if we did want to know we’d go to a Stephen Hawking lecture not the cinema.

Perkowitz states that films needed scientific authenticity because otherwise the public pick up on it and the “whole thing falls apart”. “Star Wars suggests you can travel around the galaxy in relatively quick time which is not true,”  Perkowitz said. “In reality scene one and two would be a million years apart because that is how long it would take to travel the distances.”  Given that fact that Star Wars is one of the most iconic and profitable cinema franchises of all time, I think this kinda proves my point.  The public couldn’t care less Mr Perkowitz.

So moviemakers of Hollywood I beseech you, don’t listen to this buzz killer.  Just continue to make your ridiculously implausible movies and be safe in the knowledge that the moviegoing public neither notice nor care about the scientific inaccuracies; we’re just popcorn munchers who want to be entertained.

Rufus Wainwright

Am very very excited to hear that Rufus Wainwright‘s first opera and accompanying album are due to be premiered in April.  His opera, Prima Donna, runs at Sadler’s Wells from 12-17 April and for those lucky enough to be in London you can buy tickets here. His sixth studio album, All Days Are Nights: Songs for Lulu is released here on 5 April and a tracklist can be found here.  Rufus is also touring worldwide from April to June and plays in Dublin in the brand new Grand Canal Theatre on April 28th.  Having seen Wainwright in concert in The Village a couple of years ago, I heartily recommend going to hear him play live.  Although he can sometimes be a little chaotic and not the most polished of performers, he is still totally compelling.

In his first piece of press, Rufus talks in this interview about the recent death of his mother, Kate McGarrigle, who was a celebrated folk singer and who collaborated with both of her children, Rufus and Martha.  Kate died on January 18th and Rufus was understandably still raw and very honest in his interview, which occurred not long afterwards.  Below is a beautiful version of Somewhere over the Rainbow as performed by Rufus and Kate in London.  This is also the song that my Dad has played to me on my birthday on many occasions, so am dedicating this to him too!

Fashion Bloggers

We all have our own favourite fashion bloggers.  Don’t we?  Well I do.  On my daily reading list are Kingdom of Style, Sea of Shoes, Garbage Dress, Style Bubble, Jak and Jil, and Fashion Toast!  I religiously read about thirty blogs a day and, as I’m a speed reader, this whiles away the first twenty minutes of the day while I’m drinking my coffee and adjusting to the idea of work.  The Guardian has compiled a list of their ten best blogs which is a great starting point if you haven’t yet discovered your top picks.

2010 Trends – Underwear as Outerwear

As a girl who sincerely believes that it is never possible to own too much underwear, this is a trend after my own heart.  I won’t be doing the trend in a full-on capacity mainly because I have been blessed with a deceptively generous rack and therefore bustiers worn as tops looks cheap rather than cool!  However the idea of a lace body or nude satin bra peeking out from underneath a white shirt is very appealing.

I love this Stella McCartney bra but am not sure that her sizing will accommodate me.  This Topshop bralet is similar but more affordable, however it seems to be sold out in most sizes.  Hopefully they’ll restock it.

Agent Provocateur is always nice for a treat and this Gypsy bra is gorgeous.

I love this tattoo print body by Bebaroque.  It reminds me of the tattoo print stuff that Jean Paul Gaultier is so fond of doing.

I also love corsets as part of this trend, however rather than wearing a corset on its own I’d be layering it over a white vest or shirt.  This candy pink one from Corsets UK is gorgeous and reasonably priced.

What Katie Did is a fantastic site for vintage style lingerie.  I particularly love their Music Hall corset.

Lastly this trend wouldn’t be complete without a lace body.  American Apparel are doing some really nice ones (am sure your eyes have been assaulted by their “Pantytime” advertising campaigns) and I particularly love this one.

2010 Trends – Luxe Sportswear

This trend is something I could very easily see myself incorporating into my 2010 wardrobe. Luxury sportswear inspired pieces are a no brainer for a girl who grew up listening to dance music, and still has a place in her heart for baggy trousers and Converse! Plus, like Susie Bubble, I have a serious addiction to gray marl jersey.

Topshop has, as usual, come up trumps and my two favourites from their current crop of sportwear inspired pieces are this grey jersey waterfall jacket and these cuffed joggers.  Am also loving this dress by All Saints which would be great as a layering piece in the winter and just as great on its own in summer.

This Acne dress fits perfectly with the sportswear trend, and I’m a sucker for anything striped too, but I’d have to be having a very good day to wear it! Tight stripes are fairly unforgiving.

These Acne Atacoma boots, which I have been lusting after for about a year now, would be perfect with harem pants or jersey joggers, plus I am reliably informed that they are super comfy.  Sigh…

Stolen Girlfriend’s Club is a label that have nailed this trend perfectly.  In particular I love this grey jersey and mesh panelled sweatshirt.

This Ann-Sofie Back sweatshirt is also a nice take on an old classic. is always a good place to hit for trend led fashion and their own label stuff is very affordable and well made.  This bow shouldered sweatshirt is soft, feminine and would easily integrate into my wardrobe.

Lastly, an integral piece for this trend and something I have been threatening to buy for months is a jumpsuit!  I like this one by Full Circle but am not sure about the colour.  I am pretty much always dressed in grey, black, white or red!  I think I’d have to try this on to see how it integrated with the rest of my wardrobe and see if I felt far too conspicuous in something this colour.