Internet Cover Versions

As January draws to its miserable, cold and penurious close, I thought we could all do with a laugh. There are a wealth of amazing cover versions online ranging from the sublime and unexpected, to the ridiculous and hysterical. Below are a few of my favourites for your delectation.

Bulgarian Idol, ‘Ken Lee’ by Mariah Carey. This is nothing short of priceless. Check out the expressions on the judges’ faces.



‘The Final Countdown’ as performed on the Kazookeylele. This gentleman has created a hybrid of a baby grand piano, a kazoo and a ukelele. For this alone, he’s my hero and needs to get his ass on Dragon’s Den ASAP.



‘Paper Planes’ by M.I.A., as performed on ukulele by Kitten Mildew. This is  sweet and unique interpretation.



I’ve left my personal favourite to last. It’s ‘Enter Kazoo Man’. Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’ performed by Mister Tim.



(If you enjoyed that, there’s a wealth of Kazoo cover versions on the web, not least of which is Northwestern University Kazoo Choir performing the Hallelujah chorus from Handel’s Messiah… “because everyone else plays it on real instruments.”)

Would love to hear from any readers who have other great covers to share!

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