The sound of the drums

My friends know me so well.  I would like to thank Alan for bringing this fantastic piece of video to my attention.  It stars Josh Freese, who was the tour drummer with NIN from 2005-2008, and this is the shot from the “drummer cam” as he plays Wish.

Colour me baised but I think I’m in love.  I Googled the hell out of Mr. Freese (if you’re Irish and you remember these, you’d have to call him that at least once, wouldn’t you?) and found out that he has a very impressive CV.  He is a permanent member of A Perfect Circle, The Vandals and Devo and has also played with Sting, Guns and Roses, The Offspring, Ween, The Dixie Chicks and the Dwarves.

Josh released his solo album “Since 1972” last year with a brilliant marketing campaign, which was comprised of a list of tiered offers ranging from $7 to $75,000.  The latter package includes such elements as:

– Josh will join your band for a month … play shows, record, party with groupies, etc.

– If you don’t have a band he’ll be your personal assistant for a month (4-day work weeks, 10 am to 4 pm)

– Take a limo down to Tijuana and he’ll show you how it’s done (what that means exactly we can’t legally get into here)

If I only had €75,000, I’d buy it; it’s become a necessary purchase!


3 thoughts on “The sound of the drums

  1. Sarah Hannah

    thanks so much for the comment you left me! i have a thing for drummers. i dont know why since they make hopeless boyfriends but it has never died…

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