Winter dresses

Winter dresses can prove a bit problematic to find.  I don’t mean party dresses, cocktail dresses or evening gowns.  I don’t want anything with sequins on (am so overloaded on sequins this season), nothing with frothy bits of tulle, nothing one-shouldered or flimsy.  In short, I want the sort of dress a girl could wear out for dinner when she doesn’t want to get glammed up to the max.  The sort of dress you can simply pull on when you don’t want to have think about putting together an outfit.  The sort of dress you’d wear when it’s lashing rain outside, when it’s freezing cold and the idea of putting on anything short or see through is an anathema.

So imagine my delight when I found an Ann Sofie Back dress on sale on this website.  Dark purple, slashed for just the right amount of edge, and jersey for just the right amount of ease.  I received it last week and am delighted.


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