Sex And The City 2

It’s time to get carried away with what is possibly the worst tag line of all time.  Carrie On indeed!  Don’t the film makers realise that this immediately conjures up visions of Kenneth Williams and Barbara Windsor doing their “nudge nudge, wink wink, ooooooooh you are naughty” routine?  Probably not.

I have mixed feelings about the second Sex and the City movie.  Essentially I am looking forward to two hours of Pat Field’s genius costuming and Kim Cattrall‘s great acting; for me these were the only two worthwhile elements of the last film.

Watching the trials and further tribulations of Carrie and Mr Big’s relationship is of no interest to me whatsoever.  I’ve heard tons of rumours and, without wanting to give anything away, it would appear that she is in for another rollercoaster ride courtesy of Mr. Big’s issues and ego.  Now, I’m sorry folks but I think Carrie is the emotional equivalent of a battered wife; she keeps going back to a man who treats her incredibly badly at every turn, who has repeatedly caused her immense heartbreak and who can never be relied upon.  And yet, we viewers are supposed to see this as some kind of grand romance?  I don’t think so.  I merely feel sorry for a woman who doesn’t seem to have enough self-respect to dump a man who doesn’t love her enough.

Now Samantha on the other hand, there’s a character I can get on board with.  Professionally successful, self-aware, hilariously funny, loyal to her friends and refusing to be limited by her age.  What’s not to love?  Kim Cattrall brings this character to life in a warm and sympathetic way and I always love her performances.

Here’s the trailer for the second movie, released here on May 28th 2010.


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