Shopping needs in Dublin

Dublin isn’t a bad place to shop if you’re the kind of person who likes pounding the pavements as opposed to buying online.  It’s a pretty small city centre so you can get around easily on foot, most of the major high street stores have a branch or several here (Topshop, H & M, All Saints, Warehouse, Aldo, Office, etc), there are a few shops where you can buy high end designer clothes (Brown Thomas, Harvey Nichols) and a smattering of interesting boutiques (Indigo and Cloth, Circus and Smock, to name a few).

I had been storming the heavens with prayers (as my grandmother used to say) that All Saints would open a branch here for about three years and now we have not one but two branches.  So presuming that that tactic worked, I think I’ll continue praying that three further shops open in Dublin to complete my shopping experience.

Number One is COS, the upmarket sister of H & M.  I have often visited their shop in Regent Street in London and also bought a few pieces from their store in Berlin when I was there in June of this year.  Generally COS don’t tend to do groundbreaking, avant-garde stuff.  It’s more along the lines of classic pieces with a twist, great fabrics and good cuts.  The kind of stuff that’s perfect for layering around one standout piece in your outfit.

Next on my list is Sephora.  Now I know that we already have some very fabulous beauty destinations in Dublin – between Arnott’s, Brown Thomas and Harvey Nichols you’re bound to find whatever you’re looking for.  However I do think Sephora should look into opening a concession within a department store in much the same way as they have done in Corte Ingles in Spain, carrying Sephora’s own brand products.  Their eyeshadows are great quality, they have fantastic makeup brushes and bags, yummy smelling body products, and everything is very reasonably priced.  I visited their shop in Marbella when I was there at Christmas and while it’s not a patch on the one on the Champs Elysées (which I easily spent at least two hours in), it was still sufficient for me to get my Sephora fix.

And lastly it’s got to be Paperchase.  I adore stationery shops, they seem to exert a much needed calming influence on me!  I have spent HOURS in Paperchase, stocking up on cards, buying diaries, adding to my collection of photo albums.  As they don’t have any branches here and don’t even have an online shop with delivery to Ireland (for shame!) I make a point of going to the branch on Tottenham Court Road whenever I’m in London.  Unfortunately I didn’t get there this year and so, for the first time in a long time, I’m starting a new year without a Paperchase diary.  I should have bought this one…

However if my biggest problem in 2010 is that I don’t have a lovely pink diary, I think I’ll be doing OK!

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