I thought I’d heard it all…

… but this takes the cake! Saxophonist Larry Ochs has been sued by a listener who claims that his music isn’t jazz. Now I can appreciate that it can be difficult to discern what IS jazz at the best of times. Even though I am the daughter of a jazz saxophonist, there are times when I hear certain albums that are favourites of my Dad’s (e.g. Sonny Rollins’ album “The Bridge”) and I am simply baffled.

However I do think this sets a legal precedent that is unwise to say the least. Can I now go to a Chilli Peppers concert and sue Anthony Keidis for not being a singer? Because in my book if you can’t stay in tune and you can’t stay in time, you’re not a singer, and that’s just the end of it.  If a drummer speeds up during a gig (and God knows, that NEVER happens) do I have a case? If I go and see a tribute band and they’re just not as good as the real thing, do I call my solicitor? Unanswered and potentially dangerous questions, my friends.

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