Fear and Loathing at the Taxidermy Championships

On my travels around the internet I find some disturbing and bizarre things, not the least of which recently has been the phenomenon of taxidermy championships.  I find taxidermy to be possibly one of the oddest hobbies a person can have.  OK, I admit I’m probably not the target audience given the fact that I’m a vegetarian; killing an animal and then stuffing it seems like the epitome of adding insult to injury as far as I’m concerned.  However, I was puzzled, indeed perplexed, to find out about the notion of taxidermy championships.  How exactly does one WIN a taxidermy championship?  Most animals stuffed in an hour?  Most lifelike pose achieved?  Best contortionist?

Anyway, I believe that there must be a publication out there somewhere who wants to send me to cover a taxidermy championship.  Perhaps this one in 2010?  The public need to know more about the phenomenon and I’m the person to tell them.  I’m convinced there’s a Hunter S. Thompson type story in it – “Stuff This; a savage journey to the heart of an American nightmare”.   They’ll have to send someone with me to do the photos or else we’ll be in danger of missing this:


Or this, which by the way is a coffee table:


Or this, which was in the sculptural category, but which I think looks like it came from “Satan’s Ornaments Depot”:


So hound your local news publication, petition them on my behalf.  It won’t be pleasant, but I’ll take one for the team.


3 thoughts on “Fear and Loathing at the Taxidermy Championships

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