Confession Time…

My name is Alex Donald and I’m a disaster movie addict. Sorry folks, it’s true. And I know this means that any cultural cred I ever had is now merrily swirling its way down the toilet, but guess what? I don’t care!

I am the only person I know, you know and probably most people know, that not only owns a copy of The Core on DVD, but paid €25 for it and has watched it at least ten times. Come on! How can you not love a movie where the line ‘who would have thought that weapons of mass destruction would one day save the earth’ could be uttered with total seriousness?

I also own The Day After Tomorrow on DVD (also subtitled Run! It’s the Weather! by the GFY girls, which is a way better title in my opinion), and Twister. I would buy Titanic (arguably one of the best disaster movies ever made) but Kate and Leo and Celine totally ruin it for me. I’m not really much of a fan of volcano-themed disaster movies; I guess because lava moves too slowly for it to seem like there’s a great sense of urgency.

So imagine my delight, my barely contained anticipation, when I heard about 2012. Honestly whenever I think about it, I get shivers. The tickets are booked and I will be there, next Tuesday, ready to watch the film billed as the ultimate disaster movie.   Even though it has received negative reviews in the US, with much criticism levelled at its overly long duration, I am primed to love it. Biased, moi?!

It’s out tomorrow folks.  Miss it at your peril.

11 thoughts on “Confession Time…

  1. the core was on tv last night. it’s got to be the dumbest movie i have seen in a long, long time. I only watched it coz you mentioned it here. you failed to inform us about the excruciating explain-the-plot-for-the-moronic-audience dialogue, the bad computer graphics and the absurd pseudo science. basically what i’m saying is: YOU/YOUR BLOG OWE ME 2 HOURS OF MY LIFE.

    how dare you, etc.

    Mr. Alan Butler

  2. Ah Alan! Of course it’s terrible! It’s a bad disaster movie – how many more clues did you need? Besides which if you hadn’t watched The Core, you would have just spent two hours of your life surfing/playing Internet Scrabble, so what’s the difference?!

  3. Have you seen Knowing? Not exactly a disaster movie but there elements of disaster to it (and that’s just the screenplay – har har). It starts off as an interesting “what’s going on?” film, then goes a little sci-fi, and then, and I won’t spoil it in case you haven’t seen it yet, what happens at the end is pretty much a great big disaster as far the world is concerned.

    I wouldn’t be recommending it particularly. Not a great film.

  4. Watched Knowing last night Rob. The Sci-Fi bit kinda annoyed me as did Nicholas Cage’s hair (which is actually almost more ludicrous than the plot) but am glad I watched it, if only to so I know how bad it is!

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